Emailed to Owners of the Arriva Podium,

It appears that the Residential Board’s construction is near completion, and we have requested delivery of our transponders from the Residential side.

As a reminder, all fobs will still open the overhead door from the lane into P1. All codes will continue to do the same. Access into the building without a transponder occurs from 11th avenue. Exiting the building can occur to both 11th and 12th . The transponders will open the lane barrier arm from 12th Avenue, and then open the overhead door to P1.

The Commercial Board will sell to an Owner a transponder for $90 each. Please provide the number of fobs you as an Owner would like to purchase on behalf of yourself or your tenants. We will issue the transponders in the same manner as the fobs; but rather than requiring additional forms signed, we will add the transponder to the existing fob forms. Please advise your tenants of this: use of the transponders is non-transferable, and will result in tracking of movements in and out of the property.


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