To all Owners and Tenants of ArriVa Commercial Podium

On October 5 – 7, the Fire alarm systems in the building will be tested by Stoughton Fire Protection. This is a required annual inspection according to Code. Bells will ring intermittently on October 7 in the Commercial spaces and common areas.

All Fire Extinguishers will be inspected at this time as well. Please allow access to the Contractor (Brahma Fire Safety) between 8:30 and 11:30 a.m. on October 7. The Condo Corp will continue to inspect the fire extinguishers on the Common Property on a monthly basis, and will continue to engage a Contractor to inspect all fire extinguishers on the property on an annual basis.

As per previous notice , all fire extinguishers in individual leased/owned spaces are the responsibility of the Lessee of that space, or the Owner, if the owner is occupying the space.

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