In the summer of 2019, the Commercial Board purchased a new chiller for the ArriVa podium. It was delivered in September, but the Board has been waiting for cool weather that will least disrupt the occupants of the building to install the equipment.

Our Contractor will be on site January 6th – January 22nd for the chiller replacement. During this time, we will be operating the building on the free cooling heat exchanger and if cold weather persists during the chiller shutdown, there should be limited comfort issues in the building.  Should we have a chinook or consistent warm temperatures during that time with some sunny skies, some areas will experience warm temperatures in the space.  We cannot address these issues until the new chiller is up and running.  The free cooling circuit has adequate capacity to reject heat from the Vagabond coolers and freezers in all weather conditions and the restaurant operations should not be affected other than possible warm temperatures in the space.

Of note: on January 7th there will be a crane in the lane. There will be no use of the lane for contractor parking, deliveries etc. on this day. Loading bays may be blocked near the chiller.


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