Board Business

Board Members

The Board Members of the Condominium Corporation No 1014767 have all served our Condo community for several years, and are active volunteers on behalf of the Owners and Tenants of our property. The Condo Corp is self-managed by the Board.


Notices for General Meetings will be issued by email to all Owners at least 14 days prior to the meeting. Requests for copies of minutes can be made by Owners to The 2022 AGM  is scheduled for November 2022. Owners will receive emails.


Requests for Audited Statements and Annual Budgets can be made in writing/email to After the year-end audit is completed, Financial Statements will be emailed to Owners.

Building Maintenance

  • Contact ArriVa Commercial via email at
  • For emergencies such as flood  or power outage contact Convergint 24×7 emergency number  at 403.291.3827
  • For emergencies such as fire, call 911; then call Convergint.

Building Security

  • For issues that relate to safety of tenant, owners and clients, call 911

Reference Documents

Construction Standards

Insurance Certificate

Contact for copies of the Owner Insurance Certificate. Upon renewal of insurance, certificates will be issued to Owners with a request for Owners to provide insurance certificates on all owned Units. Owners should ensure tenants/subtenants have adequate insurance. Contact for a copy of the Standard Insurable Unit Description.

 Owner and Tenant Forms

Start up forms