Construction Policies

All construction work performed on the building in the ArriVa Commercial areas (Condominium Plan 1014767) must be performed in accordance with the approved ArriVa Commercial Design and Construction standards.  Document link below.

Links to the base building drawings referenced in the standards are below.  It should be noted that the drawings generally indicate base building, mechanical and electrical systems that are maintained by the Condominium Corporation and are considered the common property.  Terminal heating equipment, piping, controls, electrical distribution etc. downstream of the base building systems is considered to be the property of the individual owner of the space where it is located.  All work whether it is base building or tenant systems is required to conform to the Design and Construction standards.

2022 ArriVa Commercial Design and Construction Standards

This document outlines design criteria, procedures, requirements and recommendations which have been developed by the Condominium Board of Directors (Board) for the purpose of assisting the new and existing Owners and Tenants of the ArriVa Commercial Condominium in the development and renovation of their premises.   Owner, Tenants, their designers and contractors must acquaint themselves thoroughly with the material herein so their design and construction meets the requirements of the Condominium Bylaws and can proceed in a coordinated and expeditious manner.

Hot Work Procedures

The procedure outlines the process, monitoring, communications, and procedure to acquire a hot work permit at job site. Examples of Hot Work are: any temporary  operation involving open flames  or  producing heat or  sparks including, but not limited to, welding (gas or arc), hot cutting, excessive grinding, brazing, soldering, thawing, torch-applied roofing or other membranes, use of open flame heaters in buildings, and hot tar operations.

2021 Hot Work Permit

Before performing hot work, other alternative methods of conducting the work should be considered with a view to selecting a safer method. A Hot Work Permit is required prior to performing the work. A Hot Work Permit is not required in outdoor areas that are free of combustible material. A Hot Work Permit must be issued for each hot work job.

Summary of Renovation Procedures

    • Send to the board a sketch of proposed renovations for approval
      • Ensure all consultants and contractors are aware of construction policies and base building specifications
    • Send approved proposed renovations to the City for Building Permit
      • to reduce risk of needing to make changes, send building permit drawings to the Board for base building consultant review prior to sending to the City
    • Issue Building Permit drawings to the Board for review by Base Building Consultant
      • cost for review is 12 cents per square foot of leasable area or a minimum of $750.
      • Base Building Consultants are:
        • Designcore Engineering Ltd.
        • MCW Hemisphere Ltd.
    • Provide Building Permit to Board
    • Provide Issue for Construction drawings to the Board


ArriVa – Arch Issued for Parkade Construction

ArriVa – Arch Ph1A Podium IFC

ArriVa – Elec Issued for Parkade Construction

ArriVa – Elec Ph1A Podium IFC

ArriVa – Mech Issued for Parkade Construction

ArrivA – Mech Ph1A Podium IFC

ArriVa – Struct Issued for Parkade Construction

ArriVa – Struct Ph1A Podium IFC

ArriVa Combined Elec Dwg

ArriVa Combined Mech Dwg


Arriva Elec Specifications

Arriva Mech Specifications