Effective November 1, 2017, all Commercial Businesses and Organizations are required by the City of Calgary to provide the following services:

  • Waste removal
  • Recycling of metal, plastic, paper, cardboard etc.
  • Composting of food waste

All Businesses are now required to separate food waste: each business must collect and store food waste separate from garbage or recyclable materials.

In order to assist everyone in ArriVa when complying with the Bylaw, the ArriVa Commercial Condo Corp has engaged GFL to provide services for all of the above. All the individual businesses have to do is sort their waste, and bring it to the garbage room!


As of September 1:

  • Paper, cardboard, metal, glass plastic and  beverage containers should be placed in the large Recycling container (It looks like the old cardboard bin – it will be labelled).
    • These items do not need to be separated
  • Organic material such as the items listed below should be placed in the composting cube:
    • Meat, poultry, fish (cooked or raw)
    • Eggs & shells
    • Vegetables, fruits & trimmings
    • Pasta, bread, dough
    • Desserts
    • Coffee grinds, filters & tea bags
    • Sugar
    • Bones
    • Left-over or spoiled food
    • Uncoated paper take-out containers
    • Pizza deliver boxes
    • Uncoated plates
    • Kitchen paper towels
    • Paper tray liners and baking sheets
    • Paper food grabbers
    • Wooden stir sticks
    • Plants and flowers
  • All other waste should be placed in the garbage container
  • The Condo Corp will not provide disposal of grease, cooking oils and fats – food service businesses must engage their own collection company for pick up from their own property as the garbage room is getting quite full.
  • Electronic recycling will still be offered from a separate company – the bin is emptied when it is full.

It is suggested that each business provide to their staff/tenants/contractors one  sturdy food container with a lid placed centrally located e.g. kitchen area that is emptied daily. While the Condo Corp does provide pest control services for Common Property, keeping compost sealed and disposed of regularly is a good idea.

Links to handouts to post in your kitchen or common area: http://www.calgary.ca/UEP/WRS/Pages/Commercial-Services/ICI-Support.aspx

One final note: it is a REQUIREMENT for all businesses to comply: please do not put items that can be recycled into the garbage bin. Please instruct your cleaning staff – we are still finding paper and shredded paper in the garbage bins. The Condo Corp will be fined, and eventually these costs will be passed on to Owners.


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