As per previous notice the Board of the Commercial Condo Corp has invested in a cigarette disposal unit. In compliance with City Bylaws, the only place to smoke around our building is at this site – all other places are too close to  doors.

The ashtray has been installed at the rear of the building, south of the parkade entrance, and north of the southwest stairwell door. See pictures below.

Smoking by the Owners, tenants and guests of our building in any other area of the property is in violation of the City Bylaw. The bench at the front of the building has been removed to discourage people from smoking too close to Vagabond doors and the entrance to the commercial property. Signs have been placed in obvious places on the glazing to prompt people to move away from the front of the building when smoking.

The Commercial Board appreciates your assistance in maintaining both the cleanliness of our property and its professional appearance while still providing a safe place to discard cigarettes .







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