Updated Information for Owners and Tenants

The protocol for issuing notices to ArriVa Commercial Owners and Tenants has changed. Notices will be issued from the email address arrivacommercial@outlook.com. Please respond to this email to confirm that it was received.

Contact List

We will be updating our contact list for owners and tenants in the month of November.

Building Maintenance Update

Epic Building Services Ltd. has taken over building maintenance.  If issues arise that need to be addressed, please email arrivacommercial@outlook.com.  If there is a maintenance emergency such as a major water leak, please contact Epic Building Services’ 24/7 phone number at 403-250-0327.

P1 Parkade Cleaning

Please be advised that the P1 level of the ArriVa Parkade will be closed on Sunday, October 30th, 2016, from


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