This Notice is issued to all Owners and Tenants of the ArriVa Commercial Property:

Good afternoon Owners and Tenants of ArriVa

As per City of Calgary Bylaws, we are providing information on the waste management provided by the Condo Corp. (we must provide notice at least annually)
• Garbage, Recycling and Food Waste Containers are located in the commercial garbage room
• Each business is required to separate food waste from garbage and recyclables. Individual business just have to sort the waste, bring it to the garbage room and dispose in the correct container
• For information on what can go into each bin, please visit

Summary of what goes where:
• Recycling
o Paper and cardboard
o Metal
o Glass
o Plastic
o Beverage containers • Composting
o Plate scraps
o Eggshells and dairy products
o Meat, fish, shellfish and bones
o Jams, sauces
o Fruits and vegetables
o Pastries, cookies etc.
o Bread, pasta and grains
o Nuts, seeds, candy
o Food soiled paper e.g pizza boxes, coffee filters

• The Condo Corp will not provide disposal of grease, cooking oils and fats – food service businesses must engage their own collection company for pickup from their own property. These items may not be stored in the garbage room.

• Electronic Recycling is still available in the garbage room – please email when it is full.

DO NOT dispose of furniture, bikes, construction materials e.g. paint, drywall in the garbage room.

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