Happy New Year.

This note is a reminder to everyone that the Condo Corp Bylaws apply to every one in the building. All Owners, Tenants and Subtenants can find these bylaws posted on our website.

A few key items to note:


An Owner, Tenant or Subtenant shall not:

  • wash, repair or perform maintenance including adjustments or servicing, and including oil changes, to any vehicle(s) on the Common Property or any Privacy Area;
  • permit, erect or hang over or cause to be erected or to remain outside any window or door or any other part of a Unit or on the Common Property or on the real property of the Corporation, extension cords, garbage disposal equipment, awnings, shades or screens or any other matter or thing without first obtaining the consent of the Board in writing
  • erect, place, allow, keep or display signs, billboards, advertising matter or other notice or display of any kind on Common Property or in about any Unit in any manner which may make the same visible from the outside of the Unit without the prior written approval of Board and Municipal Authority;
  • use a toilet, sink, tub, drain or other plumbing fixture for a purpose other than that for which it is constructed;

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