The Residential Condo Corp has been working on a security arm for the lane over the past year, and it is now nearing construction. This arm will be placed at the south end of the lane behind the building. This Arm is a residential initiative to reduce the amount of through traffic that we have moving from the 12th avenue entrance to the 11th Avenue. Residents will have proximity sensor access from 12th.   The proximity sensors for commercial level occupants will be made available at a cost.  We will forward more information when it is available.


Access for commercial clients will be from 11th Avenue, on the north side of the lane. Clients will be able to exit either to the north or south. It is only the entrance to the parkade/lane that is affected. Work will take place commencing approximately November 27, with hopes of being completed by December 18.


Further communication regarding the function of the arm etc. will be forthcoming, but as we have just received notice from the Residential Board regarding the schedule, we thought that it would be a good time for you to notify your clients/tenants/employees that there will be disruption to lane access from 12th avenue commencing the third week of November, and that lane access will only be from 11th Avenue going forward.


Again, we will provide further information regarding access/function etc. as we receive it.


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