The ArriVa Commercial Board is updating its security records. Each company will be contacted individually over the next couple months. All fob holders will be asked to submit their current fob, along with the appropriate form, for an exchange to a new fob. Forms can be found in pdf format through the links below, and on the Owner and Tenant Resource site. There is no additional charge to owners for this exchange process.

Rules for fobs:

  • Fobs are to be assigned directly to a person by Owner or Tenant Management
  • Fobs that are to be used by a contractor e.g. Recycling, Shredding or Delivery drivers are not to be taken off site, and are to be used under supervision
  • New fobs (not included in this “replacement process”) will cost $75, $60 of which is refundable upon return of operational fob
  • Replacement cost for lost fobs will be $150

Types of fobs:

  1. Employee: P1 overhead door and door access during building hours
  2. Non Owner/Tenant Parking User: P1 Overhead door access during building hours (The Condo Corp should be notified of any sublease agreements in place)
  3.  Supervised Contractor Use: door access during building hours
  4. Owner/Tenant Management: P1 overhead door and Door access, 24 hours
  5. Commercial Weekend / Evening Janitorial: 8:00 – 8:00 p.m. 7 days Door access

Fob Access Forms

Employee: P1 and Door Access during building hours
Owner/Tenant Management: P1 and Door Access 24 hours for emergency
Contractor – Supervised Access: door access during building hours
Janitorial: P1 and door access 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. 7 days a week
Non Owner Tenant Parking User: P1 overhead door access during building hours

Rules for codes:

  • Codes to be used only for guest/clients of owners/tenant business
  • These codes will start to be rotated on a bimonthly basis
  • When a new code is issued, it will operate the overhead door to the parkade during building hours





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